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We decided to create separate forum. This is done so that in the future will be easier for us to maintain the forum. The forum name is Replr and using the dot com domain extension.

There is a special category for Drupal, you can visit the Drupal forum. And there are also many other categories related to internet and computer. Visit our forum here.

Reform module released

Yesterday we releasing Drupal module named Reform that allows us to change some of Drupal core default components. This is to fill in some missing features in Drupal 7 itself, such as ability to limits the minimum username length and maximum username length.

With this module we can also change the label, description, and the button on the registration page, login page and password request page. Far from perfect since the module still on Alpha stage but at least it works. Visit the Reform project page here.

Danetsoft now using Drupal 7

You may ask why Danetsoft use Bartik theme? yesterday we upgrade our site, previously we use Drupal 6 and now Drupal 7. We are so busy and because of that we have not prepare custom Drupal 7 theme for our site (client is more important for us compared to our own looking).

The most important is that the upgrade process runs perfectly.

Our secure page

Since two days ago, our website can be accessed via https address, if security is very important to you then you do not need to worry when visiting our website.

If you encounter any problems while visiting our secure page please contact us. But most problems arise when you are using an old browser.

Slideshow region for Danland

Yesterday we added a new region to Danland 7.x, the Slideshow region will allow you to create slideshows without touching the .tpl.php files.

Currently we have not released a version that includes the region, and the following is the code that we add:

<?php if ($page['slideshow']) : ?>
<div class="slideshow">
<?php print render ($page['slideshow']); ?>
</div> <!-- end slideshow -->
<?php endif; ?>


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