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A few services from Danetsoft

Drupal Development

Danetsoft provide Drupal Development Service. We are one of the Drupal agency whose contributions has been recognized by the Drupal community.

Drupal Theming

We provide Drupal Theming Service with a very competitive price but not sacrificing the quality of the themes we created for you.

Drupal Hosting

Need a high performance, affordable, and reliable Drupal hosting? We provides managed Drupal Hosting and unmanaged Drupal Hosting.


Some examples of our works


Flat-File Blog


Free Drupal Theme


Free Drupal Theme

System & Method

Web Development


Web Development

Bombardier Inc.

Drupal Theming


Our most recent blog posts

  • Danland's users must have been wondered whether Danland 7.x will be ported to Danland 8.x or not? I always answer Yes, and as promised, now Danland theme has a pre-release version for Drupal 8. You...

  • Small does not mean useless. The phrase was suited to this small module: Comment Fragment. Drupal.org using this module to rewrite the comment permalink. The default Drupal 7 comment permalink has...

About Us

Some words about Danetsoft

Danetsoft is a global web agency with our headquarters in Indonesia, we specializing in site development, theme development, design, SEO, and consulting service.

Our clients are spread from Asia to USA, and Europe to Canada, such as System & Method, and Bombardier Aerospace.