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  • 30 November 2023

    What is HTMLy?

    HTMLy is a lightweight, flat-file content management system (CMS) designed to be simple and easy to use. It is primarily focused on serving dynamic websites without the need for a database. The...

  • Danland's users must have been wondered whether Danland 7.x will be ported to Danland 8.x or not? I always answer Yes, and as promised, now Danland theme has a pre-release version for Drupal 8. You...

  • Small does not mean useless. The phrase was suited to this small module: Comment Fragment. Drupal.org using this module to rewrite the comment permalink. The default Drupal 7 comment permalink has...

  • Previously, this site was powered by Drupal and now is a HTMLy powered site, a web publishing platform without database or can be referred to as a flat-file CMS. HTMLy is an open source databaseless...

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Danetsoft is a global web agency with our headquarters in Indonesia, we specializing in web development, hosting, and web publishing platform.