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  • Drupal 11, the next major version of Drupal CMS, is expected to be released between June and December 2024. So what's new in Drupal 11 compared to previous Drupal version? and what are the system...

  • 30 November 2023

    What is HTMLy?

    HTMLy is a lightweight, flat-file content management system (CMS) designed to be simple and easy to use. It is primarily focused on serving dynamic websites without the need for a database. The...

  • Danland's users must have been wondered whether Danland 7.x will be ported to Danland 8.x or not? I always answer Yes, and as promised, now Danland theme has a pre-release version for Drupal 8. You...

  • Small does not mean useless. The phrase was suited to this small module: Comment Fragment. Drupal.org using this module to rewrite the comment permalink. The default Drupal 7 comment permalink has...

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Danetsoft is a global web agency with our headquarters in Indonesia, we specializing in web development, hosting, and web publishing platform.