Some examples of our work, and we only include our Drupal projects. Our work covers a wide range of categories, such as theme development, site development, and consulting.


PadForm is one of Comprendo product. We developed this website using Drupal 7. This website is a multi-language site.

Here are some of Drupal module that we use:

  • Views
  • Internationalization
  • Entity API
  • Token
  • Field Collection
  • Webform
  • Lighbox2
  • Views Slideshow
  • Services Links
  • And Much more

System & Method

System & Method is one of our clients are involved in the field of workflow management solutions. System & Method entrust us to making new theme for their website to replace current website, they also entrust us as a consultant for their Drupal development process.

They planning to creating a new flexible and scalable website to support the development of their business in times to come.

System & Method itself known with their products such as the IceBreak, and BlueSeries product lines. They was established July 1st 2004, and is one of IBM's business partners.


SpinetiX is a Switzerland based company, a high technology solution-focused corporation with solid expertise in networked digital video. They develop Hyper Media Appliances and multi-platform software solutions.

SpinetiX hire us to redesign their main and support site, the new theme will remind visitors of the old page from a look & feel perspective and offer more or less the same look & feel as on current site. They migrating their main site from Drupal 5 based site to Drupal 7.

Bombardier Inc.

Bombardier is one of our clients who are a global transportation company. Bombardier is the world’s third largest civil aircraft manufacturer, and also has an installed base of over 100,000 rail vehicles worldwide.

We are a trusted vendor to create a theme for their event sites, and the design already provided by their designers, so we just follow their branding guidelines.

Danland Drupal theme

We releasing a free theme for Drupal, and we named it Danland.

Danland is very perfect for corporate site to blog site, and it works perfectly in every browser; tested in IE6/7, Opera, Safari, Chrome and Firefox.


  • 1, 2 or 3 column layout
  • Tableless design for SEO
  • Custom front page for wide image banner
  • Wide image banner 950x355px. You can replace with your own photo for custom look
  • CSS 2.1 and XHTML 1.0 validated

Simpler Drupal theme

Simpler is a free Drupal theme that gave priority to simplicity. Its table-less, multi column, and fluid width theme. Designed for cross-browser compatibility; tested in Firefox, IE 6, IE 7, IE 8, Safari, Opera and Google Chrome.


  • 1, 2, or 3 column layout
  • Tableless design for SEO
  • 9 collapsible block regions
  • Fluid width layout
  • Supports custom logo and favicon
  • User picture in profile, comments and post
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